Treatments We Offer

Periodontal disease is a group of conditions that involves the destruction of the supporting structures around teeth (periodontal tissues) and to the eventual loss of teeth if allowed to progress. It is caused by bacteria found in dental plaque that forms a film on the surface of teeth which in some people elicits specific immune and inflammatory responses.

Conservative periodontal treatment is the most routinely performed periodontal treatment and involves the physical removal of dental plaque above and below the gum line around teeth (scaling and root surface debridement). It may also involve the adjunctive use of antimicrobial agents (eg. oral systemic antibiotics) and antiseptics. Oral hygiene instruction (instruction on correct techniques to brush teeth etc.) is also part of this form of treatment.

  • A Specialist Periodontist is the best trained and most experienced dental professional to provide conservative periodontal treatment.
  • We use specialised dental instruments for this treatment and perform it in a thorough and comprehensive way.
  • You are more likely to get a better outcome from periodontal treatment with a Specialist Periodontist.
  • Dentists who are concerned for the wellbeing of their Patients refer them to us when they require more advanced periodontal care than can be provided in a general dental practice.

Surgical Periodontal Treatment

When conservative periodontal treatment has not provided that outcome that we are aiming for or in advanced cases where it will provide only minimal benefit, surgical forms of periodontal treatment can be an option. There are various forms of surgical periodontal treatment and they are performed depending on Patient factors and local factors that exist around the teeth to be treated. This treatment may involve the use of periodontal regenerative materials that are used to regrow periodontal tissues or bone grafting materials. It may involve the removal of infected tissues or re-contouring of bone around affected teeth.

  • Good case and surgical technique selection is critical to success with periodontal surgery and a Specialist Periodontist is the only dental professional that has had a minimum of three years full time specialised training to plan and execute this type of treatment.
  • We use specialised periodontal surgical and microsurgical instruments for this treatment.
  • Dentists refer Patients to us when they require advanced surgical periodontal care that cannot be provided in a general dental practice.

Oral Plastics

Oral Plastics and pre-prosthetic periodontal procedures are specialised oral surgical procedures. They include treatment of gingival recession around teeth and implants, thickening of the gum around teeth to prevent recession or to allow for more comfortable cleaning and preparing the supporting structures of teeth to allow for placement of crowns or bridgework.

  • We use specialised periodontal surgical and microsurgical instruments for this treatment.
  • Dentists refer to us when they want surgical outcomes that allow them to place bespoke restorations and create healthy long lasting smiles for their Patients.

Dental Implant Surgery

Modern dental implants have revolutionised Dentistry. Dental implant therapy involves placement of titanium screw-like cylinders (called implant fixtures) that can support single crowns, fixed or removable bridges and full dentures. A Specialist Periodontist has been formally trained to provide the surgical phase of this treatment involving placement of implant fixtures and associated soft and hard tissue grafting. Specialist Periodontists are also trained to treat infections of the supporting tissues around implants. The final or restorative phase of this treatment is provided by your Dentist or Prosthodontist.

Where implant placement involves significant bone grafting or additional surgical procedures under general anaesthesia, we will suggest referral to an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon.

  • We only use premier dental implant systems including Biomet 3i, Straumann and Astra EV (Dentsply implants).
  • We understand dental implant therapy is a restoratively driven procedure and our job is to make restoration and reconstruction of your missing teeth as easy as possible for your Dentist or Prosthodontist. We therefore work as a team with them to achieve the best outcome from dental implant therapy that we can.